All You Need To Know

With the DIY Reserve Study Kit, build your Component List and we’ll use our Reserve Study software & skilled staff to prepare a quality report for your association

How It Works

  • Purchase the Kit

    Purchase your DIY Reserve Study Kit for just $349.
    No requesting a bid, no hidden fees, no hassle.

  • Build Your Component List

    Use the educational information found in our Free Instruction Booklet to build your association’s Component List. Simply detail each component with the following fields: Description, Useful Life (years), Remaining Useful Life (years), & Current Cost.

  • Submit Information Online

    Using our easy to use online form, submit your completed Component List and answer a few brief questions to further customize and detail your Reserve Study Report.

  • Receive Your Report: 1 Week Turnaround

    Within one week of submitting the necessary information, receive your completed Reserve Study Report. This is the fastest turnaround in the industry.