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Unmatched Affordablity

At just $349, the DIY Reserve Study Kit is the most cost-effective Reserve Study solution on the market.

Lightning Fast Speed

Receive your completed Reserve Study Report within one week of submitting your DIY Reserve Study information.

Immediate Online Purchasing

No need to Request a Bid! We have one flat price for all our DIY clients. Order now and compile your component list!

Prepare the Reserve Study update your association needs

In order to budget responsibly and avoid Special Assessments, associations of all shapes and sizes should prepare a Reserve Study. All association-governed communities face major repair and replacement expenses of their common area assets: roofs will develop leaks, painted surfaces will peel & roads will require resurfacing.

A Reserve Study identifies and budgets for these future expenses & provides three key pieces of information, useful for both annual budget planning and disclosure purposes:

  1. The Component List: The component list details the scope & schedule of all Reserve projects.
  2. Reserve Fund Strength: A percentage calculation comparing an association’s Actual Reserve Balance to its Fully Funded Balance.
  3. The Funding Plan: A custom 30-year funding plan detailing Annual Reserve Contributions, avoiding Special Assessments when possible.

Associations that adhere to our recommended Funding Plan have adequate funds on hand for timely repairs and replacements, and fairly distribute these costs between current and future owners.

Download the free instruction booklet now

About Us is an Association Reserves, Inc. company.

Established in 1986, Association Reserves is an industry leader in providing professional-level Reserve Studies to associations of all sizes.

The DIY Reserve Study Kit empowers enterprising Boardmembers and Managers to cost-effectively create their own Reserve Studies. Wise reserve planning can result in the priceless payoff of having sufficient funds on hand for timely repairs and replacements.

The Kit can be used to create a Reserve Study for the first time or to update an existing Reserve Study.

The DIY Reserve Study Kit provides associations the ability to create cost-effective, professional-quality Reserve Study Reports and offers a low-cost alternative to the professional Reserve Study. We are confident that the Kit’s price-point and easy-to-understand instructions will make Reserve Studies accessible to Associations across the US and abroad.

Order your Kit, build and submit your Component List, and receive your custom Reserve Study within one week.

It’s that easy.

How It Works

  • Purchase the Kit

    Purchase your DIY Reserve Study Kit for just $349.
    No requesting a bid, no hidden fees, no hassle.

  • Build Your Component List

    Use the educational information found in our Free Instruction Booklet to build your association’s Component List. Simply detail each component with the following fields: Description, Useful Life (years), Remaining Useful Life (years), & Current Replacement Cost.

  • Submit Information Online

    Using our easy to use online form, submit your completed Component List and answer a few brief questions to further customize and detail your Reserve Study Report.

  • Receive Your Report: 1 Week Turnaround

    Within one week of submitting the necessary information, receive your completed Reserve Study Report. This is the fastest turnaround in the industry.